Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The event clock will be something that I use to keep things moving along within the campaign.  Worldwide events will be inserted via this mode.  Game effects will be assessed this way as well.  Sometimes the clock will be the actual time that an event starts and ends, sometimes it will be more open based upon all of your stories.

Here are a few ways that this will be implemented....

1. There will be different clocks for different games.  If you have got your own storyline going on you will be assessed your own clock that I will be keeping track of and tweaking as we go along.

2. There will be a  clock working on what happens on the big map itself. Earthquakes, floods, warp storms, etc. are going to be available and may effect the games within the map.

3. The 3 events, dalecon, dbgold, and Rockford will have their own clock at the events, including big game. Breaks in the action, certain major battles, etc.

4.  What happens as the campaign goes along will also have an effect on worldwide events. Chaos winning a lot is a good example because that usually opens the warp up a bit more than usual, but imperials winning also has its own effects.

5. The orders that the generals will be issued, along with your own personal orders as they come up, will also be open to clock events.  Having assassins in your army is a good example of this, most of the time they have a mission to accomplish, but certain chaos units can also be influenced, chaos lords come to mind right away.

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