Friday, June 30, 2017

Campaign footnotes

I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone that has been paying attention to what I've been working on for the past 3 months.  The start day is very soon for this and I just wanted to go over a few things that need a bit of attention as well as give a short overview for a refresher.

1.  A general needs to be nominated for the imperial side.  I would like to have the generals somewhat concrete by Dalecon.  This will help me for the whole event.

2.  Icons need to be picked out by people for themselves one the map.  You can let me know by dalecon........  that would be great.  All of your specific campaign things, pictures, battle reports, stories about your progress, etc., will be attached to the icon located on the map.  The link to the icons is at the top right corner of the map when you bring it up.  If you have a different one picked out than what is in there, cut and paste it on the forum please.   I know that some don't like using the forum that much, but it is the only place that I can get info to just about everybody in d-co that is not using Facebook.

Ok.......  That's about it for the needed things.  (Not bad actually considering the spread of everybody)

I wanted to do a quick recap of how I'm thinking things should go from Dalecon to the big game itself........

The map will be the go to place to find out what is actually going on in the campaign.  This will only happen if people let me know about things in a somewhat timely manner.  People that already have blog sites will be able to update themselves without my helping, but as you all know, not everybody has one of those.  So the forum will probably be the engine you would put your info on and we(ultrasmurf and I) will attach it to your icon.

Orders will be given by your general to you IF there is something that needs to happen on the map.  This will be somewhat specific to the individual, but I am not planning on being a dick about things.  If you can't get it done, there will be other things that can be used in your place.  I am not trying to put any kind of pressure on anyone that is participating, this should be somewhat casual, and you should be the one pushing your own storylines, not me.  I am only going to be nudging things where they need to be and making things a bit more interesting than, "Hey man let's play a 2000 pt game for no reason at all"

Anyway...  I hope that we can get everything together by dalecon and start this ball rolling.  Thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


One of the things that is coming back to the big game is the skull tournament.  There are a few changes to it however........

1.  Each dco special character will warrant a skull as well as the warlord.

2. These will be compiled from the campaign as well as the actual big game. Which means I will be keeping a tally as we go for each person involved in both, or just one of the events.

3.  People involved in the campaign, but not the big game, will merit skulls for their team.  The generals will initially get these, but can dole them out to other warlords on the team.

4.  Skulls will be worth 1 handicap chip per creation.  Even if the guy (or gal) dies during the campaign and you don't want to keep going with them, they still count for the skull.

5.  You can make as many of these characters as you want.  A very brief story, or a detailed one(it's up to the individual) is the only thing required.  One sentence that there is this person you are making, is all that is needed.  I am hoping there will be a little more effort into it, but I understand how things work sometimes.

6. There is no deadline 'yet' on making them, but there might be one installed on a future date.

7.  The winner of the tournament will be the person with the most skulls "by kill" at the end of big game weekend.  This is to offset the possibility of one person starting off with more than is mathematically possible to loose.  The prize will be announced at big game.

8. Kills will count for team play as well. This will be awarded as handicap chips during the big game weekend. The generals will get the lowdown on how his works more.

Saturday, June 10, 2017