Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lost and damned

These are the first of the new cultists for my world eaters army.  I am really impressed with the quality of these 2piece models.  Very little flash work and the glued an fit together pretty easily.
The detail is some of the best I've seen yet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So game 2 with khorne......  not as bad. I got one guy left by the end of the game.  Couple of things I've learned.
1. I like the all berserker army on foot.
2. I DON'T like the fist of the gods formation with what I'm fielding.  Too much strategery I think.
3. There are so many special cookies in chaos that I'm lost with what I want to do during the battles.

This game is against the sons of Horus 30k army.  Things started out looking great, I got the khorne special moves off, and it was all going well.  Then I hesitated again during turn 3 and he shot me to pieces, basically.

Need to get a more basic army look to my guys and set up a bit different.  The berserker squads didn't have and icon of wrath, or power weapons at all.  Cheaper for sure, and probably really effective against everything except other space marines. My cc wasn't overpowering, which is what it needs to be. I got clogged up and my moving hesitated.  No good.

I also have to read a bit closer to the rules.  Kharn, it turns out, has a 5+inv save, and I missed it for 2 games now, because of skimming.

Oh well, it'll get better.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Well I just got my birthday present.  In a 1600 apiece game vs ultrasmurfs eldar, I got tabled in 3 turns.  Not only did I play the army wrong, but he rolled like a god on top of that.  I basically took a butcher hoard, a maelstrom of gore, backed up by the fists of the gods. ( for those not in the know, that's 4 8man berserker squads, led by kharn, with a formation of 2 vindicator and a predator.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Khorne rediscovered

The madness has begun these are the first of the fresh new paint jobs all of the old school world eaters are going to be getting.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


                                          Project Mayhem

1. You determine your own involvement in Project Mayhem.  There will be 2 "phases", 1 the map campaign, 2 the big game. Once again, YOU DETERMINE YOUR OWN INVOLVEMENT IN PROJECT MAYHEM.  

2. This will be an imperial vs chaos battle. Both map campaign and big game

3. 1 general will be voted on for each side, these generals will choose 2 lftenants that will be responsible if the generals cannot be contacted. The vote will be called for soon.

4.  The map will be released in the coming weeks.
5. Teams will be set and icons will be chosen for map insertion. D-co special characters will be a separate icon as well. D-co special characters can be created new, or from your own personal ongoing mission.  Eth Mongul himself is an example of this, but you can pretty much do it anyway you want.  Sven Skullhewer, Lord Anus, Thad Allen, Brother Silas, are all the guys I'm talking about.

6. Each general will have an overall army point total allocated for sides.  

7. Generals will be in the loop as far as information regarding the campaign itself. Games can be played by any team: vs, for, or against any other. Any point total or game will be taken. It is going to be up to you to create storylines, themes, actions,( or keep on keepin on with ones you already have ongoing) and report them to the general or lftenants and then to me.  While this seems very cumbersome, it is deliberate, and a part of the overall game design. It will be up to the generals and staff to update their respective teams, or not to, depending on the orders and situations.

8. Generals will be the ones deciding movement on the map. Their forces will be either blue or red. Contested will be purple along with icons.  This will happen on a once a month basis, starting at dalecon, and going until big game, approximately 6 turns.

9. The map campaign and the big game are separate entities that affect one another, but are not mutually exclusive.  Peeps can be in the map campaign, and not make the big game, and vice versa. Bonuses will be assessed to teams that provide games, picts, storylines, videos.....  basically getting your story out there.
All of this info will be accessible via the icons on he map, but we will have to know about it, to load it up.  There is no requirement for involvement though.  If you cannot or do not want to participate, that's fine as well.  You will still be involved in the big game, just a little bit less informed.  The map campaign will go on anyways.

10. There will be 3 'test' games that will be happening at dalecon, dbgold, Rockford.  Info for these will be sent through the appropriate channels.

11.  Questions and concerns can be asked via forum, face book, blog, phone call, email, instant message.  These methods coincidently are also all of the means to get me info to load up the map.

12.  I will be making a point to release information to peeps on a 2 week schedule till the launch of the map campaign.