Friday, August 11, 2017

Games during the campaign

I would like to get a few things stated at this critical point of the campaign.

The games that are being played for the campaign can be any kind of game you particularly want to play.  Out of the books, head to head, or if you want to move for a campaign storyline style i.e. Planet fall, then purge, then fall back, then punch out.......  that is really cool and will be more flavor to add to this campaign. A couple of things though....

You will be responsible for setting up said games and getting the baselines set up(pictures, poems,podcast,video, etc.) with the opponent(s) on your time.  I will be having my own grand time recording and filing everything as they start pouring in.  Your general will have some say in helping you with this.  That is why they are there and you should include them wherever possible.

Only games between the red and blue armies will be counted.  They can be red vs red, or vice versa as well.  Now.. some of you have multiple armies from both sides.  That is fine if you want to switch out and record it for the campaign.  Just be clear on who is who.

As more people play this thing through the events, there will be more participants added to the map.  If you could provide your warlords name in a timely manner, that would help this process.  There will be new icons added as we go that you can either load up to the forum, or you can let us pick them for you.

Map points of interest will be added through the gaming process.  If you give me a little effort on this, it will pay out for your team during the big game.

The VP conditions on the map are for the generals to use at the big game.  This is NOT the same as the individual fight vp's.  However, it is up to the individuals fighting to report the outcome of the fight to the generals.

That's about it so far.  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Welcome to the job of being a leftenent in the Project Mayhem map campaign.  You have been hand picked by the generals to be their helpers in the ongoing campaign and should be proud of yourselves for this achievement.

Things to know from this point forward........

1.  You will be privy to all the same info as the generals know.

2.  You will have the ability to make decisions for the team if the general is not available.

3.  You will garner special prizes at the end (by me) for your help in this upcoming struggle.

4.  You will be able to access a special secret bunker on the forum site.

5.  Your team will benefit from your work in the form of command pt. chips of extra value that you will be able to deliver on your own during the big game.

6.  The point of this is to help me make sure info is being delivered to everyone involved in the campaign.  A side part of this is to also help place people on big game day.

Anyway.....enough talk.  Thank you for all of your work from this point on.

Battle as you will.


1.  You have the ability to give orders and move armies about on the grid.  I am having no say in how you do this.  There will be some orders that you will want to pass on, but there may be some that you want to keep for yourself, and some that are just false.  While I will not tell you what to do with the info, it might be a good idea to not let it go to your head.

2.  Worldwide events will be posted on my icon in the center of the grid.  These will be events that are going to shape some of your battle plans as we go. There will also be updates of the enemy's movements, via recon photo and vox cast.

3.  Movement will be done via a NSEW orders, or some version of this style.  I.e. Icon plague scouts moves 2grids south and 1 grid west, and so on and so on.

4.  Movement will be once a month, but recon missions can be done at anytime.  Recon movement will encompass at least a 15 grid movement.  Remember that this is all of the move so you have to account for there and back when calculating a recon mission.

5.  You will be able to move 3 grids for every army on your team.  It would be a good idea to make movement towards the center.  People's own storylines and fights will somewhat dictate this, but the big game will happen in the center grids, so there is where we should all end up.

6.  Some of you will want to fight grid to grid and that is a fine way to do this, but this can be done within an icon on the map itself.  That method of map campaign is great but usually requires the group to get together more often, but if you have some individuals that request to do it that way, let me know and I can set it up.  It could be done on multiple places as well.

7.  You will each be assessed 125,000 power level to start with per side.  I will be adjusting this number as the campaign rolls on.  Any type of game counts be it kill team all the way to titan battles, but I will need to know power levels at the start, and ending results, and which side has a victory.

8.  As we get closer to the big game I will let you know about the setups and more of the overall theme of this game. Event clocks will be used for sure.

9. Patients for chips will be as follows......
     1. Each independent character is worth 1 chip
     2.  Each dco special character is worth 5 chips
     3.  Storylines will be worth 10 chips
     4.  Help out with the game in general will be worth 5 chips( map making, facebook setup, hotel help, terrain use and schlep, and pretty much anything that effects the game positively by me, just making it from Washington state will generate something)



These chips will be used by the generals for game changing events.  They will only be allowed with permission from the generals.

This is what they do.....

1. They will allow the general to pick from any of the stratagems in the current 8th edition rules.

2.  No 2 stratagems can be used in the same game.

3.  These will be extra stratagems on top of the available ones in the game. 

How to get them..............

1. Chips will be assessed to the generals for point discrepancies on the big game tables or floor games.

2. D-co special characters will receive chips based upon use within the map campaign.

3. Dedicated storylines within the map campaign.

4. Help with game creation throughout the year.

5. Victory conditions being met during campaign games,event games,big game day games.

6. Basically make an attempt to be involved.

7. Each general may assess chips to their leftenents for them to place as the battle goes on.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Welcome to the start of the Project Mayhem campaign.  There will a series of test games done at various events pre big game.

I have some new concepts that I am going to be instituting for those that want to participate.(before I go on... you don't have to play in this if you don't want to.  You can come to Dalecon and enjoy things there without participating in this.)  These test games will be some things I have ideas about in relation to the big game weekend.

Ok here we go...

This game is supposed to simulate the battle of Hoth. Which means that I am looking for players that want to play big walkers and skimmers. Bikes and flyers are cool too, super monsters as well. I am specifically asking not to try to put in troops, heavies, elites, or tanks. Now with that being said, this is supposed to be a very fast and limited model battle. Something that you can get into for an hour or two at the event and then get onto other games as you want. Not an all day affair. Very casual.

1.  This will be played on the floor.

2.  WYSIWYG  is in full effect.

3.  The models do not have to be painted.(but it always looks better if they are.)

4.  Power Level at 125 maximum.

5. The normal 3 stratagems will be available.

6. The Death from the Skies flyer rules will be in use as well as the stratagems.

7. The multiplayer rules will be in effect as well as the stratagem.

8. The advanced terrain rules will also be used.

In the spirit of 8th edition, I have had simonpuregamer whip this up for us.

The last thing that I wanted to make sure was known, was that I will not be letting any kind of ground transport or tank of any size on this particular game.  No worries though, there are other events that will include them before the big game.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Campaign footnotes

I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone that has been paying attention to what I've been working on for the past 3 months.  The start day is very soon for this and I just wanted to go over a few things that need a bit of attention as well as give a short overview for a refresher.

1.  A general needs to be nominated for the imperial side.  I would like to have the generals somewhat concrete by Dalecon.  This will help me for the whole event.

2.  Icons need to be picked out by people for themselves one the map.  You can let me know by dalecon........  that would be great.  All of your specific campaign things, pictures, battle reports, stories about your progress, etc., will be attached to the icon located on the map.  The link to the icons is at the top right corner of the map when you bring it up.  If you have a different one picked out than what is in there, cut and paste it on the forum please.   I know that some don't like using the forum that much, but it is the only place that I can get info to just about everybody in d-co that is not using Facebook.

Ok.......  That's about it for the needed things.  (Not bad actually considering the spread of everybody)

I wanted to do a quick recap of how I'm thinking things should go from Dalecon to the big game itself........

The map will be the go to place to find out what is actually going on in the campaign.  This will only happen if people let me know about things in a somewhat timely manner.  People that already have blog sites will be able to update themselves without my helping, but as you all know, not everybody has one of those.  So the forum will probably be the engine you would put your info on and we(ultrasmurf and I) will attach it to your icon.

Orders will be given by your general to you IF there is something that needs to happen on the map.  This will be somewhat specific to the individual, but I am not planning on being a dick about things.  If you can't get it done, there will be other things that can be used in your place.  I am not trying to put any kind of pressure on anyone that is participating, this should be somewhat casual, and you should be the one pushing your own storylines, not me.  I am only going to be nudging things where they need to be and making things a bit more interesting than, "Hey man let's play a 2000 pt game for no reason at all"

Anyway...  I hope that we can get everything together by dalecon and start this ball rolling.  Thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


One of the things that is coming back to the big game is the skull tournament.  There are a few changes to it however........

1.  Each dco special character will warrant a skull as well as the warlord.

2. These will be compiled from the campaign as well as the actual big game. Which means I will be keeping a tally as we go for each person involved in both, or just one of the events.

3.  People involved in the campaign, but not the big game, will merit skulls for their team.  The generals will initially get these, but can dole them out to other warlords on the team.

4.  Skulls will be worth 1 handicap chip per creation.  Even if the guy (or gal) dies during the campaign and you don't want to keep going with them, they still count for the skull.

5.  You can make as many of these characters as you want.  A very brief story, or a detailed one(it's up to the individual) is the only thing required.  One sentence that there is this person you are making, is all that is needed.  I am hoping there will be a little more effort into it, but I understand how things work sometimes.

6. There is no deadline 'yet' on making them, but there might be one installed on a future date.

7.  The winner of the tournament will be the person with the most skulls "by kill" at the end of big game weekend.  This is to offset the possibility of one person starting off with more than is mathematically possible to loose.  The prize will be announced at big game.

8. Kills will count for team play as well. This will be awarded as handicap chips during the big game weekend. The generals will get the lowdown on how his works more.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The event clock will be something that I use to keep things moving along within the campaign.  Worldwide events will be inserted via this mode.  Game effects will be assessed this way as well.  Sometimes the clock will be the actual time that an event starts and ends, sometimes it will be more open based upon all of your stories.

Here are a few ways that this will be implemented....

1. There will be different clocks for different games.  If you have got your own storyline going on you will be assessed your own clock that I will be keeping track of and tweaking as we go along.

2. There will be a  clock working on what happens on the big map itself. Earthquakes, floods, warp storms, etc. are going to be available and may effect the games within the map.

3. The 3 events, dalecon, dbgold, and Rockford will have their own clock at the events, including big game. Breaks in the action, certain major battles, etc.

4.  What happens as the campaign goes along will also have an effect on worldwide events. Chaos winning a lot is a good example because that usually opens the warp up a bit more than usual, but imperials winning also has its own effects.

5. The orders that the generals will be issued, along with your own personal orders as they come up, will also be open to clock events.  Having assassins in your army is a good example of this, most of the time they have a mission to accomplish, but certain chaos units can also be influenced, chaos lords come to mind right away.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So a bit more work done last night.  I was getting lost because of all the detail on these guys in the primed state. So I switched gears and dry brushed them and then hit them with a serpent sepia shade.(i.e. One of the newer washes). They certainly picture up better.  Detailing will now commence!

Monday, May 15, 2017


Welcome to the Project Mayhem campaign map.  What follows is a list of things that can be accomplished using this device.

1. You will be able to move about the map with mouse. This thing works like google maps a little bit. I haven't tried my phone yet, but the iPad works like a dream to move about. The mouse is the best of course.

2.  There are bubble information boxes that can be added to icons on the main map. If you hover over an icon, there can be a drop bubble for updated information or just a summary of the icon. Some icons will be battles, or drop zones. These can be filled with casual information without having to click down on the icon. They will also be used for people that are challenged by what they can do on a computer i.e. no blog site, not on the forum, etc.

3.  The armies will be attached to the dropdown box in the upper right. You will be able to go to that spot on the map directly. Pitched battles, heroic last stands, glorious victories, etc will be in this box under whatever names you guys come up with for them.

4.  The Icons are for players and major battles, also for independent and special characters. There is a list coming up that you will all be able to choose from when you sign up for the campaign. If you are not doing the campaign but still want to do the big game, sign up anyway so we can get you on the map.  Some images are already available for perusal in the far upper left above the map itself.  I have linked one of these to my forum picture and recommend that this will be the best way for you to let me know which one you want to be.

5.  The Icons are links to forum posts, blog sites, picture galleries, youtube posts, written stories, podcasts, etc. Ultrasmurf and I are the go to people at this point. Simply pm us on the site when you need to get things up. Facebook and im are also ways to accomplish this.

6.  Let me know what to load up and when. It can't be counted if it's not reported. I will have paper battle reports available at the store for those who like to write things down on them.

7.  Smaller map campaigns are possible within the general map. If you have a group of individuals that want to fight over a smaller piece of the map, we have this option available. There must be good communication with ultrasmurf and I about the who's, when's, and how's for this to work, but we are both willing to make it happen.

8.  Information will be posted on the map under the center icon (the World Eaters one) for the rest of the campaign after Dalecon kicks off. I will probably institute this change sooner than that, but I will let you all know when that happens. Everything from Dalecon on will be posted 'in character'. The generals will be receiving the bulk of the info and passing it down to the individual players, but sometimes other events will happen. Earthquakes, droughts, excessive rainfall, hurricanes, all of these will be possible. Maybe even an eclipse. Not to mention that there certainly could be personal assignments. Not all of the imperials work well together you know, and there have been documented conflicts on the chaos side as well.

9.  I will be instituting the event clock when the campaign kicks off. I'll be using this for worldwide events that happen on the map. It will affect fights, moves, armies, even down to individual characters. What actually happens during the campaign will impact all of those things and the choices that generals and individuals will be making during it. More on the event clock in later posts.

10.  Link to map

11. I would like to thank everyone so far for all of the help you have all given me.  I hope you enjoy this, and everything so far.  Please feel free to get any questions in at any time, on any of the means necessary.  Enjoy!😁

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lost and damned 2

So this is the cultists.....the first batch primed.  I'm really pleased with the models.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Generals(overview and requirements)


1.  They will be voted in to the position, The vote will be set for May1-June30th. Team sign-ups will be in this timeframe as well. (REMEMBER: Imperial or chaos only)  This is not locking you into your army choice for the big game itself.  Only for the campaign.  NOTE: you will have the availability to 'switch sides' during the campaign.  This is because some peeps have both armies at their disposal, and I don't want to limit you in the games or storylines you are doing. 

2. It should be someone that is paying attention to what's going on, and is actually interested in it.  This step is probably the most important thing.  Problems that come up within the team are going to be handled by the general or the lts, not me.  I will be able to guide as much as possible but the end say for the team will be from this individual.

3. They should be available once a month for grid movement on the map.  The ability to have the same time every month would be helpful here.  Instructions for how to do the actual movement will be given after the vote, and the generals are decided, within the orders that I will issue them at that point.

4.  They should be able to coerce 2 other individuals to be leftenants.  These will be people that will help out the general with his needs.  Be it sending messages, to overall movement for the army if the general can't be found for whatever reason.  They should be somewhat responsible and reasonable people and be able to adjust accordingly when scheduling problems occur.(don't be a dickhead if everybody can't do things according to plan A, have a plan B ready and so forth.)

5. They do not have to actually play in any campaign games.

6.  They should have the ability to get information to all persons that need it.  I.e. Get orders to people/give orders to people, let me know if something has happened, and be somewhat responsible about this job a bit.  At least a computer is required.  Facebook, IMing, a blog site, the forum...... If I can figure this out, I know others can.  I will be able to help in anyway possible, but you have to be able to ask for it.  After the kickoff at Dalecon, I will be issuing orders to these individuals who will then pass that info on to the rest of the team.  I will be able to help out team members for some questions, but the generals and lfts. will be the ones with the answers.

7. They will  have overall decision on how deployment and where deployment of people is at the big game. I will give generals information about the big game table set-ups and then they will pass it on to their respective teams in their own fashion.

8. They will have overall decision on distribution of bonus chips will happen at big game. The bonus chips or 'handicaps' rules, will be released in another post.

9. They will generate special end game prizes from me for putting up with all of this bullshit I'm asking them to do.

10.  The overall thing I'm attempting to do here is to have more than just me knowing what is going on at the big game.  This format should end up with at least 6 people understanding what is happening at the big game weekend, and be able to direct players accordingly.

11.  Sign ups for teams and for general nominations are on the forum right now.  You can post them on any of the formats available though and I will update accordingly.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lost and damned

These are the first of the new cultists for my world eaters army.  I am really impressed with the quality of these 2piece models.  Very little flash work and the glued an fit together pretty easily.
The detail is some of the best I've seen yet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So game 2 with khorne......  not as bad. I got one guy left by the end of the game.  Couple of things I've learned.
1. I like the all berserker army on foot.
2. I DON'T like the fist of the gods formation with what I'm fielding.  Too much strategery I think.
3. There are so many special cookies in chaos that I'm lost with what I want to do during the battles.

This game is against the sons of Horus 30k army.  Things started out looking great, I got the khorne special moves off, and it was all going well.  Then I hesitated again during turn 3 and he shot me to pieces, basically.

Need to get a more basic army look to my guys and set up a bit different.  The berserker squads didn't have and icon of wrath, or power weapons at all.  Cheaper for sure, and probably really effective against everything except other space marines. My cc wasn't overpowering, which is what it needs to be. I got clogged up and my moving hesitated.  No good.

I also have to read a bit closer to the rules.  Kharn, it turns out, has a 5+inv save, and I missed it for 2 games now, because of skimming.

Oh well, it'll get better.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Well I just got my birthday present.  In a 1600 apiece game vs ultrasmurfs eldar, I got tabled in 3 turns.  Not only did I play the army wrong, but he rolled like a god on top of that.  I basically took a butcher hoard, a maelstrom of gore, backed up by the fists of the gods. ( for those not in the know, that's 4 8man berserker squads, led by kharn, with a formation of 2 vindicator and a predator.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Khorne rediscovered

The madness has begun these are the first of the fresh new paint jobs all of the old school world eaters are going to be getting.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


                                          Project Mayhem

1. You determine your own involvement in Project Mayhem.  There will be 2 "phases", 1 the map campaign, 2 the big game. Once again, YOU DETERMINE YOUR OWN INVOLVEMENT IN PROJECT MAYHEM.  

2. This will be an imperial vs chaos battle. Both map campaign and big game

3. 1 general will be voted on for each side, these generals will choose 2 lftenants that will be responsible if the generals cannot be contacted. The vote will be called for soon.

4.  The map will be released in the coming weeks.
5. Teams will be set and icons will be chosen for map insertion. D-co special characters will be a separate icon as well. D-co special characters can be created new, or from your own personal ongoing mission.  Eth Mongul himself is an example of this, but you can pretty much do it anyway you want.  Sven Skullhewer, Lord Anus, Thad Allen, Brother Silas, are all the guys I'm talking about.

6. Each general will have an overall army point total allocated for sides.  

7. Generals will be in the loop as far as information regarding the campaign itself. Games can be played by any team: vs, for, or against any other. Any point total or game will be taken. It is going to be up to you to create storylines, themes, actions,( or keep on keepin on with ones you already have ongoing) and report them to the general or lftenants and then to me.  While this seems very cumbersome, it is deliberate, and a part of the overall game design. It will be up to the generals and staff to update their respective teams, or not to, depending on the orders and situations.

8. Generals will be the ones deciding movement on the map. Their forces will be either blue or red. Contested will be purple along with icons.  This will happen on a once a month basis, starting at dalecon, and going until big game, approximately 6 turns.

9. The map campaign and the big game are separate entities that affect one another, but are not mutually exclusive.  Peeps can be in the map campaign, and not make the big game, and vice versa. Bonuses will be assessed to teams that provide games, picts, storylines, videos.....  basically getting your story out there.
All of this info will be accessible via the icons on he map, but we will have to know about it, to load it up.  There is no requirement for involvement though.  If you cannot or do not want to participate, that's fine as well.  You will still be involved in the big game, just a little bit less informed.  The map campaign will go on anyways.

10. There will be 3 'test' games that will be happening at dalecon, dbgold, Rockford.  Info for these will be sent through the appropriate channels.

11.  Questions and concerns can be asked via forum, face book, blog, phone call, email, instant message.  These methods coincidently are also all of the means to get me info to load up the map.

12.  I will be making a point to release information to peeps on a 2 week schedule till the launch of the map campaign.