Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Recap round 1

The wind was blowing on his face as he surveyed the lost battlefield.  How could he have misjudged the situation so badly?  The battles had been set up pretty straightforward all across this forsaken moon.
AB716 had been sanctioned for battle at the highest level. He, Silus Kiel, had been personally chosen by the Lords of Terra, to prosecute this planet to the fullest extent with the forces in this sector.  This was the 16th moon of a failed system once called Mercia.  The planet had destroyed itself for some reason Silus wasn't privy to. This moon was rich in minerals and ore that the imperium needed.  It was also a hub for the forsaken powers.  Chaos had shown great interest in this place and the imperium wanted to know why. His librarians had farscryed all of this to be true. But now......

Many factions had been placed under his command. More than several Astates brother chapters, as well as the might of several titan legions and many factions of the Ministorum all were assembled without any issues. Scans of the planet had shown significant signs of the ruinous powers in different zones across the planet.  Plans were made and put into action.  The blockade around the moon had been breached. The planet fall had been successful.  He had troops on the ground without much ado, but there was an error made at some point.  He just couldn't see exactly what...... yet?

The ruinous powers were in all of the normal areas except for one very barren spot.  Scans showed radioactive deposits at the site, but not much else.  So what was chaos doing at that particular spot?  Halfway through the battles across the map there seemed to be a witch power jumping over the planet.  Chaos was inspired by this and then the Night Lords defeated his brothers the Flesh Terrors in a decisive route.  After that event, warp storms surged across the moons surface and chaos reigned.

He heard the footsteps behind him and turned as his librarian walked up to him.  "My lord, I am sorry that I could not foresee this ahead of time.  Something was blocking my vision to the past events but it is clear now."  "Our enemy was looking for an artifact, not ore in that spot.  It seems that they have succeeded."  The captain was taken aback at these words.  How could this have been missed?  "Do you have clarity now, brother?" He asked.  "Yes my lord, this haze will not cloud my vision again," was the response from the mystic.

It was hard to have faith at this point.  This had been a disaster so far, but there was always faith in the imperium.  "Make sure that you keep me informed of any other clouded visions that you and your brothers are having", he told him.  "This was a great loss at this point of the war, but not all is lost, have faith in the god emperor of mankind and your chapter."

Good words, he said to himself.  Unfortunately they might only be words.  After this bout with the enemy.............. Chaos ascends.


The storm was blowing in his face and had the tinge of the warp on it.  Ezykyle smiled, the lapdogs of the dead god were on the run and the first of the artifacts was recovered.  He had been tasked this mission by none other than Abaddon himself for this mission, and he wasn't about to fail.  He needed to recover 3 artifacts from within this moon, so that he could unleash one of the most powerful chaos warlords across this sector and therefore be one step closer to terra.

He had many factions at his disposal.  All 4 of the ruinous powers were being focused on this spot and it was his hand that was directing them.  There was also more than a bit of warp creatures at his disposal.  The last meeting he had with the leaders of these factions had almost fallen apart and created infighting, but his heavy hand had reformed them all.

The final victory was from the hands of the Night Lords.  The crushing that they had put upon the Flesh Terrors was defining, but little did they know that it was his defeat of the ultra marines that had started the downfall of the imperial lap dogs.  They now had the artifact in their possession and were loath to deliver it to him, but no matter.  He didn't need it in front of him for use anyway, and what was the point of sending them into a civil war for it.  It would probably end up in the hands of the Tzeenchy followers anyway.  None of this really concerned him, just that they had it was most important.

Now for the second artifact.  He sent word to his sorcerers to scry for it immediately.  This was a good day, the blood was still dripping from his mighty sword and the screams were still fresh in his ears. Chaos ascends!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Battle for the water way

The ultra marines and nurgle went at it last night.  Winner: ultra marines. Loser: nurgle, 100pwrlvl ea.

I have to say that I lost this one because of distractions off game.  Allow me a bit of whining (it is my blog after all). Trying to carry 3 conversations, show someone to paint, and teach someone to play 40k, will not allow you to focus fully on the game thus missing the crucial move you need to make so you are not completely out of position later.  Ok, enough whining.

This game was about nurgle pooping in the river and spoiling the water.  This particular game had 2 storylines on it.  My game was after nurgle had already defiled the water and the ultra marines were bringing retribution.  The other game was tim's nth marines going back in time and beating joe to the actual nurgle water pooping.  I'm not sure the outcome of that game yet, but the ultra marines brought the retribution in mass.  The centurion firepower is really silly.  Not that everything in this edition is silly as well, but Bill really took it to me with mass firepower.

Here's the Picts.

Awesome models

Last night, my friend Bill and I played and......  yeah he beat me, but his stuff looks so good that it didn't matter.  Finally after all of these years, I got him to pose some of them for a photo shoot.  Enjoy ( I know I have for years.)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Battle report Nurgle vs templars

Unfortunately, my first real campaign game was a loss to the

templars in six rounds.  We were playing city fight and we were at 75pl each.  Turn 1 had the death guard helbrute charge across the field and try to damage a rhino.  Whiff whiff, and on to his turn.  Oh yeah, my sorcerer boxcarded and gave himself 2 mortal wounds,  The power made my helbrute harder to shoot at.

He struck from the skies with jump troops and teleported in with terminators.  Killed the sorcerer in hth.

Then we deployed from the rhinos and charged into his troops.  Pretty squishy for him but not that bad.  I ended up with one squad in the building.

He charged in more guys and the assault swamp was on.  Beating on each other for the next 3 turns.

He pretty much chewed me up as the game went on, and then we split up to take the buildings.  There was a rush for building #3 and he won it.

Templars 4, nurgle 2