Friday, August 11, 2017

Games during the campaign

I would like to get a few things stated at this critical point of the campaign.

The games that are being played for the campaign can be any kind of game you particularly want to play.  Out of the books, head to head, or if you want to move for a campaign storyline style i.e. Planet fall, then purge, then fall back, then punch out.......  that is really cool and will be more flavor to add to this campaign. A couple of things though....

You will be responsible for setting up said games and getting the baselines set up(pictures, poems,podcast,video, etc.) with the opponent(s) on your time.  I will be having my own grand time recording and filing everything as they start pouring in.  Your general will have some say in helping you with this.  That is why they are there and you should include them wherever possible.

Only games between the red and blue armies will be counted.  They can be red vs red, or vice versa as well.  Now.. some of you have multiple armies from both sides.  That is fine if you want to switch out and record it for the campaign.  Just be clear on who is who.

As more people play this thing through the events, there will be more participants added to the map.  If you could provide your warlords name in a timely manner, that would help this process.  There will be new icons added as we go that you can either load up to the forum, or you can let us pick them for you.

Map points of interest will be added through the gaming process.  If you give me a little effort on this, it will pay out for your team during the big game.

The VP conditions on the map are for the generals to use at the big game.  This is NOT the same as the individual fight vp's.  However, it is up to the individuals fighting to report the outcome of the fight to the generals.

That's about it so far.  Thanks for reading.

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