Thursday, July 13, 2017


Welcome to the start of the Project Mayhem campaign.  There will a series of test games done at various events pre big game.

I have some new concepts that I am going to be instituting for those that want to participate.(before I go on... you don't have to play in this if you don't want to.  You can come to Dalecon and enjoy things there without participating in this.)  These test games will be some things I have ideas about in relation to the big game weekend.

Ok here we go...

This game is supposed to simulate the battle of Hoth. Which means that I am looking for players that want to play big walkers and skimmers. Bikes and flyers are cool too, super monsters as well. I am specifically asking not to try to put in troops, heavies, elites, or tanks. Now with that being said, this is supposed to be a very fast and limited model battle. Something that you can get into for an hour or two at the event and then get onto other games as you want. Not an all day affair. Very casual.

1.  This will be played on the floor.

2.  WYSIWYG  is in full effect.

3.  The models do not have to be painted.(but it always looks better if they are.)

4.  Power Level at 125 maximum.

5. The normal 3 stratagems will be available.

6. The Death from the Skies flyer rules will be in use as well as the stratagems.

7. The multiplayer rules will be in effect as well as the stratagem.

8. The advanced terrain rules will also be used.

In the spirit of 8th edition, I have had simonpuregamer whip this up for us.

The last thing that I wanted to make sure was known, was that I will not be letting any kind of ground transport or tank of any size on this particular game.  No worries though, there are other events that will include them before the big game.

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