Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So game 2 with khorne......  not as bad. I got one guy left by the end of the game.  Couple of things I've learned.
1. I like the all berserker army on foot.
2. I DON'T like the fist of the gods formation with what I'm fielding.  Too much strategery I think.
3. There are so many special cookies in chaos that I'm lost with what I want to do during the battles.

This game is against the sons of Horus 30k army.  Things started out looking great, I got the khorne special moves off, and it was all going well.  Then I hesitated again during turn 3 and he shot me to pieces, basically.

Need to get a more basic army look to my guys and set up a bit different.  The berserker squads didn't have and icon of wrath, or power weapons at all.  Cheaper for sure, and probably really effective against everything except other space marines. My cc wasn't overpowering, which is what it needs to be. I got clogged up and my moving hesitated.  No good.

I also have to read a bit closer to the rules.  Kharn, it turns out, has a 5+inv save, and I missed it for 2 games now, because of skimming.

Oh well, it'll get better.


  1. You should face off against my Marines Errant. I'm sure you'd fare much better :) !!! The current rumors about 8th Edition swirl around making the game easier to navigate. "Crushing itself under its own weight" a designer purportedly said about 7th.

    Is that a Khorne predator?

    Oh- what options do you have for deepstriking and/or outflanking units? Looks like he had some nasty Pre-Heresy artillery out there. Gotta root out those maggots early!

    (Oh, and I like Bob too, so--- well done Bob! :) )

  2. Yes a khorne predator, and I have so many options that I don't know which way is up. I think that after this game, I am going to make the army something I want to look at, and then figure out all of the special things it does. Boy, it's been a while since I had to choose a look for an army. The ork growth happened at such an easy rate, it never occurred to me to think about how it was supposed to work.